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Since 1985, Victoria Vick has been involved in the rewarding rescue of horses, transforming horses no one wanted into the magnificent creatures they were meant to be. Because Pine Meadows was founded, in part, as an equine rehabilitation center, their horses often arrive by the effects of neglect, starvation, and violent abuse.  PINE MEADOWS, and founders Vicki Vick and Larry Bowman, are also devoted to helping at-risk youth find a way into wholeness through their Horse Rescue and Community Alliance Program as well as offering seniors and other adults an opportunity to find the peace and solice offered by the essence of the horses presence.


“Anyone involved in this type of endeavor feels such a rich reward in giving back. You only need to witness one successful rescue of a horse or youth, the peaceful and tranquility experienced by a troubled adult to appreciate the complexity, value, and depth of the bond between horses and people.”









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