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Thank you so much for stopping by to find out more about me.  I am a very SPECIAL fellow – at least I think so and I think all of the mares do too.  Handsome would be the word that comes to mind if I were to describe myself (I am not being boastfull or anything).

I am very lucky to have had a life of “privilege” compared to most horses.  It is so very sad to think of how my friends have been treated and the trauma they have gone through.  I have been so very lucky to have had a family that really loved me and tried everything possible to help me get well.  They took me to doctors and veterinary schools at universities – they just tried every thing.

Let me back up for a minute – I used to be a dressage horse (those horses that move so elegantly and with such grace)……but sadly I incurred an injury and also have, what a few of you might know about, “arthritis” that now sadly prevents me from being a dressage horse any longer.  It was such a hard decision for my family to try to find me a new home and they made certain that I was going to be well cared for.

I love my new “digs” I often call it the “Horse Hilton” – not bad for an older guy like me.  My family treats we so well (as I should be treated!).  I especially like the carrots (they have me on a special diet to lose some weight so the carrots are supposed to make up for no more sweet oats and molassas – not even close!).  I do have to stay in shape you know for “Lady” my special girl who lives in the stall next door.


Stop by sometime to see me – I would like another admirer

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