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Lady Be Good 



Hello – my name is Lady Be Good (and I always am).  I can hardly believe what has happened to me in the past two years.  I thought everything was going along just fine when for some reason my family stopped feeding both myself and the friend who lived with me in the pasture.  It wasn’t the nicest of places or family – there was no shelter for my friend or I to go in to get out of the heat, wind, rain or cold.  And at the very end there was nothing to eat – and it got so awfully cold I could not get warm any longer.  I could see my family coming and going but they stopped coming out to see us and then as winter came on – they did not bring us ANYTHING AT ALL to eat.  I can’t describe how desperate my friend and I were.  It was lonely and cold for both of us.  Then one morning my friend would not get up.  I knew that she was weak from not having any food or water – but this time it was too much for her.  I stayed by her side just hoping maybe she would get up – she never did.


I stood there by her for days – and then a strange thing happened – there were all of these police cars, a veterinarian and a very nice lady with a horse trailer and some food.  I kept hoping that they would be able to get my friend up and that we could go together – it was so hard leaving her there on the ground………..They took me to a place where I had food, shelter and a clean warm place to stay.  If my friend could have made it just a few days longer she would have been there with me.

These wonderful people fed me and cared for me and found me a new family.  I certainly do not look anything like I did then (in fact I am on the same diet that Jonathan is – carrots help but I sure did like the sweet oats and molassas!).  My new family treats me so well – they get my feet trimmed, have the veteriarian come out to check on me and give me my vaccinations.  I wish that they had more time to play with me but they have to work so hard to provide me with this wonderful home.  All of their love and attention  is more than I could ever have hoped for. 


The door is always open for a visit – so stop by and meet me sometime.

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