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Horse Programs


The Intervention-Rescue-Rehabilitation Program:

Pine Meadows is a volunteer based horse welfare organization and educational center.  Pine Meadows was established to ensure abused, neglected, abandoned and slaughter bound horses are rescued and have a sanctuary to receive quality care and treatment to aid in their recovery. The hope is that each and every horses that finds their way here will recover physically and mentally to find their forever home.  Wvery horse comes to Pine Meadows has a story to tell.  Our goal is to make certain those stories have happy endings. 


How it happens

When PMHRCA is brought to awareness of a possible abused, neglected or abandoned horse, our intervention team assembles and begins the rescue process. An inspection of the site and the horse takes place with proper authorities.  After evaluation, the rescue team prepares the horse for transport to our rescue stables.  Once acquainted with their surroundings, the horse is evaluated for the proper plan of nutrition and rehabilitation. Our staff and designated volunteers assist in the daily rehabilitating-training of each rescued horse.


The Adoption-Foster Program

Every horse at PMHRCA is cared for, trained and rehabilitated so they can eventually find their “Forever Home”.

 Available horses are listed on the website complete with multiple photographs, and a detailed description. Approved adopters can make an appointment to view the horses or make a commitment based on website information and/or meetings with the horse at our rescue stables.

Each potential adopter or foster home must complete an application and go through an interview process. Processing time often depends on accessibility of references. Applicants should notify references that they will be contacted. Applicants are notified of status via email or other designated means. Veterinarian and personal references are required. 



The Science
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