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Second Chance











11 year old (POA)  Pony of the America’s


“Chance” – that is my new name as it tells the story that my new family has given me “a Second Chance”.  I don’t know where to begin really, my life story has had more downs than ups (although I am certainly in one of the “UPs” right now).


I don’t know exactly when I started going blind but my family (if you could call them that – they were not good to me) did not try to help me.  I guess I was lucky in the past few months because they “got rid” of me to some folks that are called “horse buyers” – I did not think I was “for sale” I am worth more than that!  It was so scary because I got all pushed around and scraped up - they did not care that I was blind.  In fact, if it had not been for one person in the family trying to find me a safe home I would be dead now.  I, too, was going to go to the slaughter house where it is scary, crowded, mean, painful, they don’t feed you or even give you any water – and then they hoist you up by your back legs and cut your throat.  I don’t mean to be frank about the matter but that is what happens. 

But – thank goodness  - I now have a wonderful family who loves me very much and takes such good care of me.  I am safe and not scared anymore which is such a wonderful feeling – I have not felt that way is such a very long time.

My new family really listens to me!  When they are in the stable and I want something I just have to tap the door with my hoof and they come over to see what I want – now that is what I call “stall service”!


I am still getting used to my new home and family but I feel like the luckiest of horses to find a home and a family that loves me and takes such good care of me.  I do have one thing to work on and that is learning to eat treats – I have never had a treat before – but I am working on it.  Please stop by to see my new home I would love to meet you!

I have an exciting update – I can “see” – it is almost a miracle!  I can run around outside and then run back inside - I can “see”!  My family got me the most fantastic present – a new invention for horses I think I am one of less than 5 horses in the country to have one. I think they call it something like “a sonar device” – the very first minute that I got it I could “see” – they even put that moment on youtube under “Blind horse sees” – I am so lucky and so very happy – good things do happen!



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