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Sir Winston

Sir Winston

28 year old Tennessee Walker

Edentulous (I don’t have any teeth anymore)


I am so glad to be able to tell you about my life.  My life like many of yours has had it’s ups and downs.  I am here to say that this is one of the best times of my life.  I am one lucky fellow to have found a loving and caring family to live with – my life came so very close to not having a happy ending.

For many years I was a show horse going to fancy horse shows  and winning my family lots of ribbons and trophies.  Then I got to be the father of many young Tennesse Walkers (although I never got to meet any of them – I have always regretted that).  Then for some reason my family sent me away to an awful place where they did not love me or take care of me.  I got so very thin and I did not feel well. I was tied up with a logging chain – I could hardy move.  I was nickering for some hay – and my person came out screaming at me to be quiet and hit my face and mouth over and over again with a baseball bat and broke all of my front teeth.  I didn’t understand and still to this day don’t. I heard them one day talking about “getting rid of me” – I did not know what they meant.  Then I heard of a place where they sell horses and they are sent to be slaughtered (I did not know what that meant until some of the other horses said that they would take me to a horrible place and kill me – I do not know what I had done wrong that my family would do such a thing to me).

Then one very lucky day, people (who were to become my new family) came to see me and miraculously took me to my new home.  It is a wonderful home – a nice warm (and cool in the summer with fans) to live in with many friends and lots of places to play.  I don’t have any teeth so it is hard for me to eat but my family feeds me this special food with vitamins that is soft so that I do not need teeth (see I told you I was a lucky fellow!).  I get peppermints, apples, carrots, butterscotch treats and they brush me almost every day to keep my coat nice and shiney.  There is so much more that my family does and I love my new home so very much please come over and see me some time so that I can show you around.


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