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Horse Rescue & Community Alliance

Youth Program

When we are loved by an animal,

         And when we love an animal,

                        Both souls are awakened.

Life-Changing Programs

Pine Meadows not only rehabilitates rescued horses, but works to prevent abuse and neglect through educating the community through outreach programs, helping to prevent future neglect and abuse of horses.  Our center also focuses on young individuals who have never had the opportunity to touch, work with, or experience the love of a horsel

The unique horse rescue at Pine Meadows brings a life-changing opportunity for youth. Caring for a rescued animal provides a pathway to effective behavior modification for both youth and horse—a winning combination! Empowering youth in their life-improvement process transforms youth from Risk to Opportunity.

Nearly 50% of youth between the ages of 10 and 18 years live in circumstances that place them at risk for not living up to their potential; at risk for making poor life –choices; with no tools to navigate complex life situations.

Rescue the Horse – Mentor the Child

In our nurturing programs, horses provide a safe, transitional (need a word here but have not been able to come up with one) to which young people attach, forming a nurturing, animal-human bond while learning to care for and take responsibility for a living creature.

The transition from teen to adult is a complex and challenging process for youth in any circumstance. Our experiential learning approach  provides the time and the space for building nurturing, caring relationships.  The horse provides a non-judgmental listener to hear life-stories without criticism. The uncritical listening ear the horse deepens the animal-human bond, building Empathy and Compassion.

Learning to care for horses helps develop the Trust that comes from caring for another living being. Many struggling youth carry anger as their friend and hurt as a shield to get them through difficult situations. Building trust is essential for healthy emotional growth.


The Sense of Responsibility to self and to another living creature becomes real as the human-animal bond deepens. It has been seen time after time that youth in equine programs move from self-centered behavior to compassion for others, horses and humans alike.

Our mission, through equine rescue, assisted youth intervention, and outreach education programs is to empower underserved and at-risk youth to discover a deeper meaning to life and to develop in healthy ways: cognitively, emotionally, and socially.

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